Marathon & Relay

Teamwork makes the dream work


Course Map


Both Marathon and Relay runners run the same route. Marathon runners can use this info to help them prepare for the course after each aid station. Relay runners can use this info to help them decide who will run what.

Section 1

2.6 miles +228 ft/-84 ft elevation

The relay starts off at Wheadon Farm Park and then climbs up to the Porter Rockwell Trail. This is the shortest section with a moderate climb at the start and then a couple rollers after that.

Section 2

3.3 miles +1,211 ft/-18 ft elevation

Second hardest section of them all. All uphill! Beautiful section that will make the climbing go by fast.

Section 3

2.8 miles +53 ft/-486 ft elevation

This is a scenic section with great vistas that follows Annes Trail the entire time before dropping into Little Valley.

Section 4

4.4 miles +1,161 ft/-316 ft elevation

A moderate climb up Annes and eventually breaking off up to Maple Hollow. You then drop off the backside of Suncrest to a great view of Utah lake until you reach Suncrest Park.

Section 5

4.4 miles +316 ft/-1,161 ft elevation

Great downhill running section. This is where the fun begins and the miles start to fly by.

Section 6

2.8 miles +486 ft/-53 ft elevation

This section has rolling climbs but nothing steep and is also a short section making this a great section.

Section 7

3.3 miles +18 ft/-1,182 ft elevation

The best section of them all. All downhill and beautiful. One steep downhill area, watch for rocks and roots!

Section 8

2.6 miles +84 ft/-228 ft elevation

The last section is mostly flat for a fast finish. Grind out these last few miles to reach the finish line!

26.2 miles and +3,582 ft elevation total

88% Single Track Trail, 8% Paved, 4% Dirt Road


Remember you can have your team run in any order. For example a runner could do section 1 and then 3. A runner could even do 3 or more sections if somebody on the team was hurt or just not feeling good. It is up to the team to decide who would do best on what sections. We recommend each runner runs 2 sections and that each runner have a break between sections but ultimately it is the teams choice!

*There will be Trail Marshals at several intersection to keep you from getting lost or cutting. (We need volunteers for this!)


Just click the name below for the link and Google maps will do the rest!

Aid Station #1 & 7 - Andy Ballard Arena, 8 minutes from Wheadon Farm Park. The aid station will be down the paved trail about 50 feet.

Aid Station #2 & 6 - Peakview Trailhead - 13 minutes from Andy Ballard Arena.

Aid Station #3 & 5 - Little Valley Trailhead, 5 minutes from Peakview Trailhead. It is a short well maintained dirt road leading to trailhead.

Aid Station #4 - Suncrest Park, 6 minutes from Little Valley Trailhead