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Half Marathon

The Half Marathon starts at East Riverfront Pavilion. Park with unlimited parking and amenities. This pavilion is nestled right in the heart of the Jordan River Parkway Trail. An amazing trail system that follows the Jordan River for over 40 miles.


You will pass through wetlands, ponds, golf courses, parks, and bridges all while taking in beautiful views along the course.


We chose this course to combine the best parts of the Jordan River Trail system as well as take advantage of the Fall weather. The Fall is our favorite time of year and nothing beats a good run in the cool crisp air and beautiful scenery!

Start to Aid 1 - 2.2 miles +92 /-118 ft elevation (Has potties)

Aid 1 to Aid 2 - 1.7 miles +9/-18 ft elevation

Aid 2 to Aid 3 - 2.7 miles +40/-31 elevation (Has potties)

Aid 3 to Aid 4 - 2.7 miles +31/-40 ft elevation

Aid 4 to Aid 5 - 1.7 miles +18/-9 ft elevation

Aid 4 to Finish - 2.2 miles +118/-92 ft elevation

13.1 miles and +307 ft elevation total

65% Paved Trail, 35% Sidewalk

*There will be Trail Marshals positioned at major intersections to prevent you from getting lost or cutting!

No cutoff time, we want everyone finishing even if it means walking.


Course is marked with pink flags, ribbons, signs, and trail marshals.

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