Peak View 5k

3.1 miles +498 ft elevation (Difficulty 4 - Dirt trail)

*No Dogs*

Address for start location - Peak View Trailhead

Peak View 5k takes you through the best parts of Corner Canyon. You will be rewarded with great views of the mountains, Draper temple, and dense trees that feel like tunnels of green in the Spring and bright Autumn colors in the Fall!

**This route has two intersections that can be confusing due to them being a crossroads for trails. We have included the direction you need to take as well as the trail name. If you miss this or get confused we recommend pulling your phone out and looking at the map for clarity. Trust the gps!

Race starts and finishes at this pavilion found on the East side of the parking lot. You will head right and then turn left on the Hoof N Boot trail just past the dirt road. As long as you are within 100 feet of this area you will have no issues with recording your race attempt! Don't forget to start and finish your course attempt!