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Jordan River Backyard

Jordan River is a river that winds through the Wasatch Front over 40 miles connecting Utah Lake and the Great Salt Lake. The trail system that runs along this river is one of the greatest in the state. Beautiful trail, no road crossings, tons of parking, amazing starting area. This area is the perfect location for a Backyard race. Only thing that could make it any better is the Fall colors that come to the Wasatch Valley by the third week of October. The only question that remains is, how far will you go? 


October 19th 2024

Starts and finishes at East River Front Park


24 Hour Backyard will start 8:00 am

Registration - $80/$90/$100

12 Hour Backyard will start 8:30 am

Registration - $70/$80/$90

What is a Backyard Race?

Backyard races have exploded in popularity around the world. The race is simple and yet imbues everything a runner looks for in a race. We have taken the best parts of the backyard and added our own little twist with the Legacy loop at the end of each backyard event. Comradery, motivation, great outdoors, and food, lots of food.

  • This race is a 4.167 mile loop course that runners will do once every hour for either 12 hours total or 24 hours total

  • If you are unable to complete a loop in the hour or choose to not start a loop at the hour, you are removed from the race

  • All runners who complete at least 1 loop will receive a finishers medal

  • All runners who complete 50 miles and 100 miles will receive a custom leather patch beanie

  • The goal is to push yourself to new limits. You will never know how far you can run until you try

  • Finish line becomes home base. Fun for friends and family to come cheer you on and hang out

  • Backyards require a sound strategy with how you manage your hour as well as being physically and mentally tough

  • Legacy loop will be the 12th and 24th loop and will be timed to determine the overall winners


Legacy Loop

The last loop in the race will be timed and that time will be used to determine overall winners.

  • The 12hr legacy loop will begin at 7:30 pm for all 12hr runners who are still remaining

  • The 24hr legacy loop will begin at 7:00 am for all 24hr runners who are still remaining

  • Legacy loop will always be timed even if only one runner remains


Seriously though, when we first heard of this new race idea we thought it was crazy. The more we thought on it the more we realized just how amazing and fun this kind of setup is.

Runners of all levels can participate, great way to push yourself to new limits, and the finish line turns into the best aid station you ever had. What better way to spend your Saturday than hanging out with fellow runners in the great outdoors.

We chose a 12hr and 24hr format to make this more runner friendly and help with planning and logistics for both us as organizers but also the runners.

Give the Backyard Ultra a try, you might just enjoy it. Makes for a great story!

Packet pickup

Friday 3 pm to 6 pm at the Sandy Salt Lake Running Store 8946 S State St, Sandy, UT 84070.


Race day pickup starts at 6:30 am.

We recommend all runners arrive at least 45 minutes before the race begins to ensure a stress free and smooth start if you do not pickup your bib the day before. Pre-race announcement 15 minutes before start time.​


We will be providing all kinds of snacks at the finish line just like you would see at any Ultramarathon aid station. Gatorade will be the electrolyte drink. We will order pizza at the conclusion of the 12hr backyard. If you have specific food you need be sure to bring it yourself to have at your tent. We want the finish line to be a party and the race director does love food.

Finish Line

Make it a party. Bring your friends and family. There is plenty of room to setup tents, chairs, etc. Feel free to bring outside games as well. Backyard Ultras are all about coming together as community and having a great time. Stakes are not allowed. Use weight, tie downs, or any means necessary to anchor tents. Nothing can go into the ground, sprinkler lines are everywhere in the park.

The Park

East River Front Park is nestled in a business park with thousands of parking spaces and plenty of room to setup in. This beautiful location gives us privacy to hold an event like this but also offers amenities for both runners and spectator such as a pavilion, playground, pickleball courts, grassy areas, and lots trees to provide shade. Great place to start and finish 24 hours of running! 


  • All runners who complete at least 1 loop will receive a finishers medal.

  • All runners who complete 12 loops will receive a leather patch beanie custom made to reflect their 50 mile accomplishment

  • All runners who complete 24 loops will receive a leather patch beanie custom made to reflect their 100 mile accomplishment

  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd male and female will be determined first by distance completed. Should distance be the same then time on last lap completed will be taken into account to determine placement.


Course is marked with pink flags, cones, and signs.


Free parking and plenty of it. We will send out a map of suggested parking and setup the week of the race. Lots of room at this park.

Word of mouth

Friends and family are the best way to promote this race.  Running is much more fun with a buddy and people cheering you on!


These events are not possible without help! To show our appreciation all volunteers will receive a $65 credit for any future Happy Trails race. Expires after one year. Click here for more info!

Late Registration

Begins October 1st and closes October 18th at 11:59 pm

We cannot guarantee all participants registering after October 1st will be able to order a shirt. We will order extra to do our best to accommodate late registration. If we do not have your size or you do not want a shirt you can use code NOSHIRT at checkout for $10 off registration.


Each race will be capped to 100 runners.


  • Runner must be in starting corral when each loop begins unless they wish to drop.

  • Warnings will be given 5, 2, and 1 minutes before the loop begins.

  • Except for restrooms, no leaving the course or receiving aid on the course once the lap begins. Exception being restrooms.

  • No artificial aid (including trekking poles) and no pacers allowed

  • Slower runners must allow passes

  • Loop must be completed in the hour to receive credit for that loop.

  • When you finish your lap you may use the time you have until the next loop to do what you please.

  • Crew and support may come and go at the starting area.

  • Plenty of space to setup, get cozy, and make some new friends. Can not block the course or starting corral in anyway.

  • Must have fun.


Average high is 62*F and average low is 44*F

Race Director - Don Hantla


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