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Do's and Do Not's


Do not do it. Keep it in your pocket until you reach an aid station


Do not do it. Cutting a switch back will result in disqualification from the race, stay on the trails!


Do it in a restroom. They are at most aid stations


Do it. All ages allowed on 5k. This includes pushing a stroller. All other distances the age is 12+


Do it. Showing up and making an effort is what counts


Do not do it. This includes receiving aid outside of an aid station, grabbing a ride, swapping bib numbers, taking a shorter trail. Anything your devious mind can think of, do not do it


Do not bring your dog. I love my dog too but other runners do not


Do not do it. Our races do not allow pacers or bandit runners


Do not do it. Our races do not allow crews. This is due to the location of our races and the amount of parking/traffic


Do it. Whether it is a volunteer, fellow runner, fellow trail user, or somebody you just don't like, be kind to them


Do it. Have fun. Make memories and moments. Enjoy the highs and benefits that running can bring!

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