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4.167 Miles of Pure Joy



Odd numbered laps will be run counter clockwise

Even numbered laps will be run clockwise

The course begins at Butterfield Trailhead Regional Park. This trailhead offers direct access to the amazing Butterfield trail system. You will follow a well made and smooth trail that climbs slowly over the first 2 miles. Once you have reached the halfway mark you will begin the downhill part of the course on great and easy to follow trails. These trails wind through beautiful and dense foliage offering terrific views.

We will alternate directions each hour to switch it up but also take advantage of the different views. The map below shows the counter clockwise profile.

4.167 miles and +454 ft elevation gain total

99% Trail, 1% Fire road


  • 7 am - First loop (counter clockwise odd numbered loop) begins, completing this is a distance greater than a 5k.

  • 8 am - Second loop (clockwise even numbered loop) begins, completing this is a distance greater than a 10k

  • 10 am - Fourth loop begins, completing this is a distance greater than a Half Marathon

  • 1 pm - Seventh begins, completing this is 29.2 miles +3,178 elevation gain, more than a Marathon!

  • 2 pm - Eight loops completed makes you an official Ultrarunner with 50k+

  • 6 pm - Loop 12 begins, complete this and you are halfway to 100. 50 miles +5,448 ft elevation gain

  • 8 pm - Loop 14 begins and will be very scenic due to the sunset. Get your night gear ready for loop 15!

  • 6 am - Last loop before you can say you ran 100 miles in under 24 hours. Also very scenic thanks to the sunrise.

  • 24 loops completed is 100 miles +10,896 ft elevation gain, you are a lean mean running machine who feels no pain.

  • 7 am - Have you seen the movie Ground Hog Day? We keep at this until only one runner is left standing.


Plan for a day filled of fun in the mountains. We recommend bringing some sort of hydration such as a camel back or water bottle. We will have some snacks and food that becomes more substantial as the race continues. Come prepared with what you are used to having. Better to have it and not need it. Come prepared for the worst and hope for the best!

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