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Half Marathon

This race starts off inside of the Wasatch State Park. You will reach the Provo Jordan River Parkway Trail in half a mile at which point you will run along side the beautiful Deer Creek Reservoir. You run along this well made dirt trail for the next 6 miles until turning around. You will be rewarded with terrific views of the lake and mountains while going both directions!

This trail is well packed dirt with little tripping hazards. This makes it beginner friendly and an awesome trail to run on for runners of all levels. We do recommend bringing a water bottle or pack due to the aid stations being 4.4 miles apart. This is due to this trail not being accessible to a vehicle and how difficult it is to get supplies out to aid stations.

Start to Aid 1 - 4.4 miles and +321/-339 ft elevation

Aid 1 to Aid 2 - 4.4 miles and +383/-377 ft elevation

Aid 2 to Finish - 4.4 miles and +339/-321 ft elevation

13.1 miles and +1,034 ft elevation total

96% Dirt Trail, 4% Dirt Single Track

No cutoff time, we want everyone finishing even if it means walking.


Course is marked with pink flags, ribbons, signs, and trail marshals.

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