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Half Marathon

The Half Marathon starts off in Lone Peak Park and drops into Dimple Dell onto a fantastic wood chipped trail that feels great to run on. You follow this trail over a bridge in a really scenic area. Eventually you go underneath another bridge in an area that usually has great fall colors this time of year. Make your way through a nice part of the canyon which includes our favorite bridge and under an awesome tunnel which pops you out at the Wrangler Aid Station.


After you leave the station you will drop down into the canyon running along a trail that takes you through the canyon floor. You will have great views of the beautiful Fall colors here. You start the biggest climb of the race and top out to a beautiful vista on the Rim Trail. You follow this Rim Trail to the turn around point at Granite Park Aid Station.

This course takes place on wood chipped and single track trails making this a very good race for runners looking at trying their first trail race as well as experienced trail runners looking to go fast!


Start to Aid 1 - 2.5 miles +222/-107 ft


Aid 1 to Aid 2 - 4 miles +603/-161 ft (Has bathrooms)

Aid 2 to Aid 3 - 4 miles +161 ft/-603 ft


Aid 3 to Finish - 2.5 miles +107/-222 ft

13.1 miles and +1,090 ft elevation total

94% Trail, 6% Paved

*There will be Trail Marshals positioned at major intersections to prevent you from getting lost or cutting!

No cutoff time, we want everyone finishing even if it means walking.


Course is marked with pink flags, ribbons, signs, and trail marshals.

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