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Telegraph 5k

3.3 miles +606 ft elevation (Difficulty 5 - Dirt trail)

*Dog Friendly*

Group run - October 14th 2024 @ 6:00 pm

Address for start location - Deer Ridge Off Leash Dog Trailhead

This is an absolutely beautiful area in the Spring and Fall. This hiking only trail will have you walking through dense foliage and popping out to amazing views of both Salt Lake County and Utah County. One of the most difficult courses but well worth the effort!

**The beginning of this course is under heavy construction. You will have to detour up and around to where the segment starts. Take access trail to dirt road and follow dirt road to Telegraph turn off on the left. Segment begins shortly after. Make sure you start gps for directions getting to the start of the segment!

Race starts at the sign found to the left (South) area at Maple Hollow Trailhead Park. Follow this connection trail to the dirt road.

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