The Marathon starts at Galena Hills Park in Draper. A great park with plenty of parking. You will begin running through the park and then run through the only trail section of the race to meet up with the Jordan River after about half a mile.

From here the views are spectacular all around. You will cross bridges, run through dense trees lining the paved trail, run past golf courses, parks, and of course you will be treated to views of the Jordan River all along the course as well.

This route follows the Jordan River Trail for the majority of the race. You will eventually reach Germania Park which will be your turn around.

Every aid station will either have a portapotty or vaulted bathroom nearby. This course will be beautiful this time of year with Spring in full effect along the Jordan River!

Start to Aid 1 - 2.1 miles +15/-90 ft elevation (Bathrooms)

Aid 1 to Aid 2 - 2.2 miles +18/-31 ft elevation (Bathrooms)

Aid 2 to Aid 3 - 3.5 miles +27/-43 ft elevation (Portapotty)

Aid 3 to Aid 4 - 3.5 miles +23/-52 ft elevation (Bathrooms)

Aid 4 to Aid 5 - 2.1 miles +17/-30 ft elevation (Bathrooms)

Aid 5 to Aid 6 - 2.1 miles +30/-17 ft elevation (Bathrooms)

Cutoff time for Aid 6 is 11:00 am

Aid 6 to Aid 7 - 3.5 miles +52/-23 ft elevation (Portapotty)

Cutoff time for Aid 7 is 12:00 pm

Aid 7 to Aid 8 - 3.5 miles +43/-27 ft elevation (Bathrooms)

Cutoff time for Aid 8 is 1:00 pm

Aid 8 to Aid 9 - 2.2 miles +31/-18 ft elevation (Bathrooms)

Cutoff time for Aid 9 is 1:30 pm

Aid 9 to Finish - 1.7 miles +83/-7 ft elevation (Bathrooms at finish)

26.2 miles and +329 ft elevation gain total

96% Paved Trail, 4% Single Track Trail

*There will be Trail Marshals positioned at major intersections to prevent you from getting lost or cutting!


Course is marked with pink flags, ribbons, signs, and trail marshals.