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Half Marathon

The Half Marathon starts at Olympic Park which is located right next to the Jordan River. You immediately merge with the Jordan River Trail which you will follow for almost the entire race.

After leaving Olympic Park you will be treated to some of the best parts of the Jordan River Trail as you run past Thanksgiving Point.

Just as you are past Thanksgiving Point you come to the first aid station and begin a climb up the foothills of South Mountain in Bluffdale. This will bring you to the second aid station. You will be treated to amazing views of both Utah County and Salt Lake County.

After this you will make your way under the Porter Rockwell bridge to the third aid station which is also the turn around point of the race. 


The course is an out and back with a climb and rollers leading up to the turn around point. If it doesn't challenge you it won't change you!

Start to Aid 1 - 2.0 miles +41/-53 ft elevation (Bathrooms at start)

Aid 1 to Aid 2 - 2.2 miles +170/-76 ft elevation (Aid 2 has bathrooms)

Aid 2 to Aid 3 - 2.4 miles +75/-209 ft elevation

Aid 3 to Aid 4 - 2.4 miles +209/-75 ft elevation (Aid 4 has bathrooms)

Aid 4 to Aid 5 - 2.2 miles +76/-170 ft elevation

Aid 5 to Finish - 2.0 miles +53/-41 ft elevation (Bathrooms at finish)

13.1 miles and +625 ft elevation total

100% Paved Trail

*There will be Trail Marshals positioned at major intersections to prevent you from getting lost or cutting!

No cutoff time, we want everyone finishing even if it means walking.


Course is marked with pink flags, ribbons, signs, and trail marshals.

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