Half Marathon

The Half Marathon starts at Wheadon Farm, a massive and stunning park. You climb a hill to the Canal Trail which you follow all the way to the next aid station. From here you take the Porter Rockwell Trail going north which leads you to Draper Park Aid Station.


Draper Park is a beautiful park and leads you to the Willow Creek Trail. This trail takes you to a loop which includes Corner Canyon Highschool. You take Willow Creek Trail back to Draper Park Aid Station. 


You get back on the Porter Rockwell Trail. When you reach the next aid station you start your loop to Andy Ballard Arena and the Bunny Bradley Trail. You get back on the Porter Rockwell trail taking a slight detour on to a dirt trail to avoid a street crossing. Follow this dirt trail until you reach Porter again. Shortly afterwards you will begin your descent to the finish!

Start to Aid 1 - 3.4 miles +150/-58 ft elevation (Has bathrooms)

Aid 1 to Aid 2 - 1.1 miles +13/-62 ft elevation (Has bathrooms)

Aid 2 to Aid 3 - 1.0 miles +0/-45 ft elevation

Aid 3 to Aid 4 - 1.4 miles +28/-23 ft elevation

Aid 4 to Aid 5 - 1.0 miles +45/-0 ft elevation (Has bathrooms)

Aid 5 to Aid 6 - 1.1 miles +56/-6 ft elevation (Has bathrooms)

Aid 6 to Aid 7 - 1.0 miles +99/-99 ft elevation (Has bathrooms)

Aid 7 to Aid 8 - 1.3 miles +107/-45 ft elevation

Aid 8 to Finish - 1.8 miles +64/-195 ft elevation

13.1 miles and +569 ft elevation total

74% Paved Trail, 18% Road, 8% Dirt Trail

*There will be Trail Marshals positioned at major intersections to prevent you from getting lost or cutting!

No cutoff time, we want everyone finishing even if it means walking.

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