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Half Marathon

This race starts at the new Butterfield Trailhead Regional Park. Amazing area nestled right at the base of Butterfield Canyon with Kennecott Mine overlooking the area.

The first segment will be your most difficult. This segment will have it all, smooth single track, rocky steep climbs, ridges with great vistas, and densely wooded trails as you cruise down to the aid station.

After your scenic downhill run to Yellow Forks Aid you will begin climbing up the incredible Yellow Forks Trail to reach the ridge once more using a new smooth single track trail to do so. From there you will enjoy these new single track trails and short ridge section all the way back to the finish line.

Start to Aid 1 - 6.3 miles +1,200/-950 ft

Aid 1 to Finish - 7.2 miles +812/-1,053 ft

13.4 miles and +1,976 ft elevation total

81% Dirt Trail, 9% Fire Road, 8% Dirt Road

**Hydration vest or bottle strongly recommended. This course has one aid station. This is due to the remoteness of the area. There will be trail marshals to ensure safety and course adherence.


Course is well marked with pink flags, ribbons, signs, and trail marshals. The flagging will come before, during, and after the turn. This flagging will be on the same side of the trail as the turn. For example, a right turn will have flagging on the right side of the trail before and after the right turn.

We will only mark turns, trail changes or areas we feel need it. If you come to an intersection or see a trail branching off the main trail and there are no flags stay on the same trail and continue straight.

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