Happy Trails 5k GPS Series

We wanted to provide an amazing way for runners to experience all Corner Canyon has to offer so we came up with this race series. A convenient and affordable way to explore these trails and push yourself all without getting lost!

These courses cover beautiful areas and will leave you wanting even more. We hope this series will help motivate those who may be reluctant or don't know how to start exploring these trails. With our leaderboards and finisher results this series will have you competing against yourself and others while you navigate the course.
We have taken this unique approach using a gps program to run and explore these trails. We hope you will read below to see how it works and give this series a try, you won't regret it!  

5k Series

Starts May 1st and ends October 31st 2022

5k Series Monthly (May) Video Update HERE!


You must complete all 10 courses in this time frame to receive your finishers medal in November. You can run/walk these courses as many times as you want. Your fastest time will always be shown on the leaderboard.

Registration - $60

What You Get

Access to 10 courses using the free Ridewithgps app (see below for how it works)

Synthetic shirt that is comfortable to run in, no cotton!

Finisher medal that we make locally

Leaderboards that track your finishing times and lets you compare with others and yourself

Goods from our Sponsors

Shirt, medal, and goods will be mailed in November to participants.

By offering the series with a GPS format like this you are able to complete these courses whenever you want and as many times as you want between May and October

No worrying about the weather or being sick on race day!

No waking up early to catch a bus or pick up a packet

We are able to make this series very affordable, less than $7 per race

We can use trails and areas we normally wouldn't be able to hold a race on

You never have to worry about getting lost during the race!

Do this with friends and family at a time that works for everyone

We encourage you to grab your friends and family and hit the trails this year. Try these trails in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. You will be amazed at how different the colors are!


Information on courses including distance, elevation gain, and address can be found below


Jordan River 5k

Wheadon Farm Park 5k

Bear Canyon Bridge 5k

Dimple Dell 5k

Hidden Meadows 5k

Lupine Meadows 5k

Coyote Hollow 5k

Peak View 5k

Potato Hill 5k

Telegraph 5k

How it works

It is easier than it sounds! Read below or click the video link for help navigating the Ridewithgps app!

**RidewithGPS Video Tutorial**


You will receive an email when you register that contains a link to setup your FREE Ridewithgps account.


This app is easy to use and your courses will be accessed from this app. We recommend saving all courses for offline use before attempting to ensure the course loads properly. When you are ready to start your course you just have to push navigate. You should see the course in blue lines load up on your app. If the course fails to load you need to finish and delete the run and push navigate again to get the course to load properly. Make sure you turn on your sound if you want audio cues!

Once you have pushed navigate you must start moving to begin your timing. When you have gone about 50 feet you will notice the gps is recording and tracking your every move. If the app displays auto-pause don't worry about it and keep moving, this is just the app "thinking".

Ridewithgps will navigate you through the entire course much like the gps in your car would help direct you to the grocery store. When the course is finished your app will notify you and automatically upload your segment time. ***SAVE*** the route by holding down the pause button. Make sure you save the run as public (default setting) and not private so it is visible to the event.

Still have questions? See our GPS FAQ


Finishing times will only be recorded for courses completed between May 1st and October 31st.

Results can be found HERE or by opening your ridewithgps app and clicking the link found under event description. We will also update Ultrasignup with overall results once the series has concluded.

There will be an overall leaderboard that combines the runners time from all courses. This leaderboard will use segment time not gps time. Ignore the GPS Leaderboard.

Segments are what will be used for timing. We use a virtual "gate" on every course that is approximately 200 feet after the starting area. Once this gate is reached the segment time begins and will not stop until the virtual gate at the finish is reached, again about 200 feet before the end of the course.

Your gps time will differ slightly from segment time. We use segments because we cannot guarantee all runners will stop and finish in the exact spot. By using the gates to create segments everyone is timed on the same exact section of the course from beginning to end. 

So long as you are within 200 feet of the starting area when you begin and finish within 200 feet of the finish area you will have no issues.

If this makes no sense to you whatsoever we would tell you to not worry about it, trust the gps program, and enjoy the courses!


Male and female with the fastest overall leaderboard time for the series will receive a plaque for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Age division medals will also be handed out for the series using the overall leaderboard for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place male and female in these age groups: >20, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+

These will be mailed out in November with your shirt, finisher medal, and goods

Any questions please ask us here!

Happy Trails!