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GPS Frequently Asked Questions

It says my run is paused?

You need to open your Ridewithgps app and click on the gear cog in the upper left corner. From here choose logging and turn off auto pause. This feature is not supported due to these attempts being timed.


How do I save my run?

You have to hold down the pause button on the navigation screen. Choose to finish your run and then choose to save your run. This must be done to receive credit for the course!


Why is my age and gender not showing on leaderboard?

You have to go back and click the link you received with your registration again. Once you click on this link it should ask you to input that information.

I hit navigate but don't see a course or directions?

You should see the course appear in blue lines with little arrows indicating the direction. If you do not see this you need to finish the run by holding down the pause button and delete run. Try hitting navigate again to see if that loads the course. Sometimes it does this due to a poor connection, just need to keep trying!

What can I do to improve GPS accuracy?

It is normal for GPS to "drift" by as much as 50 feet and this is not an issue. We recommend you reset your phone before each course attempt. Make sure app battery restrictions are turned off. Make sure all background apps are closed.

What will the course be marked with?

Nothing. You use the Ridewithgps app to complete the course and it will give you turn by turn directions.

What if I go the wrong way?

If you go more than about 50 feet in the wrong direction your app will notify you with sounds and verbal notifications telling you that you have gone off course.

How do I know which way the route starts?

On the course page there will be a picture as well as which direction you need to start with. We have also included a green arrow indicating the start direction as well as an audio cue that will tell you if you start the course backwards.

Do I have to stare at my phone to watch GPS?

The GPS will notify you through sound (make sure it is turned up!) If you are listening to music it will cut out the music the same way your car would to give you upcoming directions. The app also works with smart watches for giving directions.

Why is my time different on the leaderboard?

We use a segment in the course that starts about 200 feet after the start and ends 200 feet before the finish. This ensures everyone is timed for the exact same course. The segment time is what will be used for the leaderboards.

Is this for locals only?

Nope. If you are from out of town and looking to visit Salt Lake City and want to explore some amazing trails we highly recommend this series. Great way to get out and explore some great areas while on vacation!

What gear do I need?

Just your smart phone! If it is hot out we would recommend bringing some water as well. These courses could take over an hour to do depending on your fitness level.

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